Top 18 Unique Research Paper Topics About Youth

We can say that, problems with the youth have become a main issue in our society. Everywhere, you will find something wrong with them. As soon as the level of maturity gets increased, the youth of our society also gets involved in different serious acts.

But, it will be wrong, if we only focus on their problems, they too have some great personality in them that help our society or our nation to be proud of. To research in the topics regarding youth, you should study the topic, which you have chosen, thoroughly. Then just make a list of your points and began to write about it.

Here are some interesting and unique ideas for your research paper:

  • Addiction towards drug and alcohol. What are the effects of it in their lives?
  • Write about the need for the sex education in every school and colleges. How can this education prevent them from taking any wrong step?
  • How to prevent the student from bullying in the schools?
  • How can the attempts of suicides be prevented? What the warning signs? Do depression and drugs leads the students towards suicidal attempt?
  • How the economic recession and unemployment does are responsible for preparing a student to lead a life of poverty?
  • Do some TV shows where teenage celebrity mothers can be seen, encourages for teenage pregnancy? Write about the ill effects of it.
  • How does the smoking habit of the teenagers cause them deadly diseases?
  • Who is responsible to teach safe sex practices? How the teenagers got effected with STD’s?
  • Write about the urgent need for banning child labour from all over the world.
  • What additional coping methods are needed for physical and mental illness of the youth?
  • How the youth of this age, suffered obesity at very early age? What are the effects of it? What should be done for curing?
  • Effects of the wars on the lives of the youth. Focus on the lives of the teenagers leaving in the war zones or belongs from a family whose parents serve in the military.
  • Role of the teenagers in the national development. How our nation does is growing rapidly with the hard work of them?
  • In the world of the technology, smartphones are very popular among the teenagers. How does it prove to be harmful for them?
  • Write about the opportunities in the field of sports.
  • What is the future of the youths of today?
  • The problems faced as a newcomer in the college.
  • Preference of writing and the books have changed for the teenagers.

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