Impressive Term Paper Topics On Drug Addiction: 15 Fresh Ideas

Drug addiction is one of the burning topics on social media and all other platforms. It is one of the perils that plagues the modern and slightly older generations. No wonder many students choose it as field to be explored in their research paper. If you are going to write on drug addiction you will have to be more specific in order to make the paper more informative and interesting. Here are few fresh ideas that you can explore in your research paper.

15 ideas on drug addiction:

  1. The mental health disorder that a substance abuser suffers from and steps that can cure them.
  2. The best possible ways to save an addict. How important is the support of friends and family in de-addiction programs.
  3. Does generic treatment of addicts push them towards future risks? Should the approach be more people specific?
  4. Should councilors be more focused on what causes a person to take up addiction in the first place before they devise ways to treat him?
  5. Why do teenagers think drug usage makes them cool? Does contemporary movies and literature have an effect on impressionable minds?
  6. Should the government legalize some of the less harmful drugs so that there are less drug addicts?
  7. Are young people who succumb to peer pressure more susceptible to drug addiction?
  8. How much does a person’s childhood experience play a role in making them drug addicts?
  9. Does the presence or absence of parents play a role in the life of a teenager? How does it make them a drug addict?
  10. The various ways that are used in rehabilitation centers. Are they effective? Why does addicts return to the habit after rehabilitations?
  11. How does group support therapy actually help the drug addicts? Do they feel relieved after they have shared their experience with other fellow addicts? Does it push them deeper in to addiction or help them come out of it?
  12. Do drug addicts fear the stigmata that come with being known as a substance user and hence are affair of seeking professional help?
  13. Should there be programs for the family members of drug addicts which will teach them how to help the person who is the addict.
  14. The different types of drugs that causes addictions and its long term health effects.
  15. Should people addicted to smoking and drinking be also termed as drug addicts?

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