A List Of Unique Topics For A Research Paper On The Victorian Era

From June 20, 1837, until her death January 22, 1901, Queen Victoria ruled over the British Empire. The era was one of peace, prosperity, refined social behaviors and stalwart self-confidence in Britain.

Victorian Era research papers

When charged with the task of writing a research paper focused on the Victorian Era, the sheer amount of possible topics can be overwhelming. Once you do narrow it down to a manageable topic, then comes the arduous task of determining if your chosen topic is unique. Has it been researched ad nauseam before? This is important because you want your paper to stand out above the crowd. An “A” level paper does not wallow in mediocrity; it goes for the wow factor by covering a topic that is out of the stream of usual fare offered up.

Points to remember

There was a lot going on during the Victorian Era, from societal changes to questioning of moral compasses to the Industrial Revolution to the American Civil War. Make sure, first of all, that your topic adheres to your instructor’s guidelines. Then make a list of broad topics, narrow that down to the most interesting ones, then pare them down to those little nooks and crannies of the Victorian Era that have not been explored so much.

Suggestions for topics

We came up with some examples of possible topics for your Victorian Era research paper. If you would like to use any of these as your topic, feel free to help yourself:

  • The role of love in a Victorian Era marriage
  • The importance of coal in Victorian Era living
  • The impact of coal on the Industrial Revolution in Victorian England
  • Differences in education among social classes in Victorian Era
  • The role of education in the emergence of the Victorian Era middle class
  • Burial rituals and etiquette practiced in Victorian Era England
  • Impact of divorce on women of the Victorian Era
  • Queen Victoria’s introduction of the practice of deep mourning
  • The rise of pawn broking in the Victorian Era
  • The “Coming Out” ritual as part of flirting and courting in the Victorian Era
  • Peculiar language patterns in the Victorian Era
  • The acceptable spheres for the sexes in Victorian Era society
  • The struggles of widowed middle class women in Victorian England
  • Occupations open to the lower class during the Victorian Era
  • The social position of policemen during the Victorian Era
  • The prevalence of domestic violence against women in the Victorian Era
  • The societal roles of Blacks in Victorian Era England
  • The plight of orphans in Victorian Era society
  • Whiskers and facial hair as a sign of manhood in Victorian Era fashion

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