Compelling Research Paper Topics About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a topic that will appear in multiple disciplines. It has dominated academic circles for years yet a lot remains to be said. Furthermore, new issues on domestic violence are emerging on daily basis. It therefore presents an excellent opportunity for you to share your ideas and perspectives on the issue. Here are some of the topics to consider on domestic violence.

  1. When the man is the victim of domestic violence
  2. The effect of domestic violence on children
  3. The place of drugs in domestic violence
  4. Social media as the new fuel for domestic violence
  5. The burden of proof in domestic violence
  6. The strength of reconciliation in domestic violence
  7. When it is impossible to separate an abused partner
  8. The mental health issues surrounding domestic violence offenders
  9. When domestic violence is psychological other than physical
  10. What if someone is creating a mountain out of a mole hill?
  11. Domestic violence and religious cultism
  12. When evidence from children can be rejected
  13. Is it possible to justify domestic violence?
  14. Education levels and vulnerability to domestic violence
  15. Domestic violence and self esteem among children

It is not enough to have a captivating topic for your research paper. A lot needs to be done if the paper is to be of the highest quality. Here are tips on how to make your paper captivating and ensure that it gathers the best score.

  • Research Widely- the strength of your paper depends on the points you present. Reading widely allows you to gather the ideas of other people that are aligned to yours. You will also avoid repeating arguments or issues that have already been addressed.
  • Consult- there are issues that might not be clear to you about the topic. Work with your teacher, colleagues or seniors to understand them. You may also consider hiring an assistant to support you in developing the best paper.
  • Understand Instructions- your teacher issues specific instructions including the topic, formatting style, length, language, submission deadline, etc. All these instructions must be obeyed because they determine the quality and acceptability of your paper. Failure to follow instructions exposes you to disqualification or a low grade.

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