World History Research Paper Topics: Top 24 Questions

When you have to write a research paper for your History course, you want to make it as interesting as possible. You know that your colleagues don’t have the patience to listen to anyone talking for more than a few minutes, so you have to work extra hard to make everything right. If you still did not find the right subject, you can take a look at these ideas:

  1. Women’s rights. A few hundred years ago, it was unacceptable for a woman to go to school or work without her husband’s approval.
  2. The history of religions. You can discuss about a particular one or all of them together.
  3. Ancient civilizations.
  4. Ancient Egypt. Of course, you can’t forget to talk about the pyramids.
  5. The legends of Greece.
  6. Homosexuality in Ancient Rome. Did you know that homosexuality was considered a sign of high class?
  7. First country that allowed the women to vote. What did other countries think about this?
  8. Slavery.
  9. The discovery of America. You can make a very interesting composition on this theme, and you can follow this link for more information.
  10. Religious wars. There are many famous wars, but the most important ones happened between Christians and Muslims.
  11. Taj Mahal and its history. You can also bring pictures to make your colleagues understand what you are talking about.
  12. The first world war. Why did it happen and how it ended?
  13. USA and Vietnam war. Do you think that this war could be avoided? If yes, why this did not happen?
  14. Communism in Eastern Europe. How people got rid of communism and what is the situation in those countries nowadays?
  15. Gods in ancient India. Did they keep the same Gods today?
  16. The role of women in the evolution of humanity.
  17. Divine animals. In some cultures, animals were considered holy and people brought them gifts.
  18. Famous myths and stories. There are some stories that everyone thinks they are real, but they are actually not. You can emphasize some of them and where they came from.
  19. Peru Pyramids and how were they built.
  20. Persia and its warriors.
  21. The most important discoveries in science.
  22. The legend of Hercules. There are many stories about him, but you have to choose only a few.
  23. Cleopatra.
  24. Caesar and his sons.

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