Drafting An Effective Sociology Research Paper On Family

It’s time to draft your research paper and you are looking for some tips and tricks. Having a plan and knowing what you’re going to do ahead of time is definitely beneficial. The topic of family has been traditionally well written about in the sociology field, and there will be tons of resources available to you for your research.

Here are the steps to crafting your paper, from first draft to final copy.

  1. Choosing your topic. Since you know it’s on the general subject of family, all you need to do next is drill down to something a little more focused and detailed. It should be something you can feel enthusiasm for and put some passion into. Make sure it’s narrowed down enough to be able to do some thorough research.
  2. Find the information you need. This is the research phase. Decide where you are going to locate your resources. Use a combination of online and published for a good variety and quality.
  3. Make your thesis statement. This should be one sentence and its purpose is to declare your belief or topic. It’s what your entire paper revolves around.
  4. Start to formulate an outline. It doesn’t need to be set in stone at first; it can evolve as you do the research and learn more things.
  5. Organizing your notes into a way that will help you when the writing stage begins. They should follow the outline and be easy to access.
  6. Writing your first draft is an exciting step. You can start putting together all your research and knowledge into your paper.
  7. Once your draft is written, go over it and compare it to the outline. Did you remember to cover all your bases?
  8. This is the time to revise the draft if needed.
  9. Last-minute checks before proofreading and producing the final draft include:
    • Check your thesis statement for clarity
    • Are the arguments presented logically?
    • Are all citations done properly and checked to avoid plagiarism?
    • Is my point or purpose clear?
    • Is each paragraph started with the topic sentence from the outline?
    • Are my ideas presented in a way that produces a smooth, flowing pattern that’s easy for the reader to follow?
  10. Proofread and clear up any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and improper use of contractions. Also look for redundancy or repetition and polish it up.

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