22 Winning Biology Research Paper Topics To Choose From

Biology may seem like a subject filled with goo and blood but it can, in fact, be quite amazing. While it may require you to have a solid stomach, the world needs more persons in this field since its clear that there are many mysteries left to be solved in the natural world.

When doing research for academic purposes, your best strategy is to select a topic that you enjoy doing, or else you will not enjoy this at all. Secondly, always do a minor check to make sure you are able to acquire all the information you need. The following is a list of 22 winning biology research paper topics to choose from:

  1. The connection between Darwinian evolution and the changes that have occurred in the laws of physics during the course of the history of science.
  2. How population growth can affect the ability of our natural resources to provide for all our need as an advanced civilization.
  3. Low standards of living and its effect the development and discovery of geniuses within a population that greatly outnumbers that of the developed world.
  4. Some humans are better evolved than others for survival in the new world that we have created through technology.
  5. How is homosexuality connected to genetics and what does this say for the future of the human population?
  6. What is the objective evidence for the supposed connection between vaccines and autism in young children?
  7. Is there any biological evidence for the effects of hypnosis on the human psyche?
  8. Are there any features of living organism alive today that directly point to an evolutionary history for all species?
  9. What are the possible ways to combat the occurrence of genetic diseases in new born babies?
  10. What are the connections between allergens and our body’s natural defense systems?
  11. If a natural disaster on the scale of a large meteor impact were to occur, what would life be like on the planet one million years later?
  12. What would the existence of alien life tell us about ourselves?
  13. How does a monogamic society benefit our species?
  14. How should we deal with viral break outs?
  15. Is there any connection between diet and long life?
  16. Is euthanasia bad?
  17. Are emotions a results of intelligence or biology?
  18. What is the purpose of hair?
  19. Why do we have two hands and not more?
  20. How is morality connected to survival as a species?
  21. Is obesity a sign of poor health?
  22. Are bisexuals and homosexuals a new gender?

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