How Do You Come Up With A Good Topic For A Research Paper On Religion?

Religion is a tricky subject- especially if you are particularly religious. While you will need to choose something you are passionate about, you will also need to choose a topic for your research paper on religion that is based on supporting evidence and facts. You cannot build a good paper around speculations and your own personal beliefs.

Step #1: Find What Interests You

Are you interested in learning more about your own religion, or another culture’s? A paper gives you a great opportunity to learn, so make sure you are learning about something you are passionate about. This will make it significantly easier to write your essay. Then, once you know what interests you, choose a specific religion to work with.

Step #2: Find Information, Brainstorm, and Choose a Few Topics

Once you have chosen which religion you would like to work with for your paper, conduct a little research for topic ideas. Then, jot all of these down on a piece of paper. From this brainstormed list, you will want to choose about 3 ideas for the next step. Choose the three that interest you most, provided you think you can find enough information.

Step #3: Conduct a Preliminary Investigation and Narrow Your Topic

The next thing you will do is conduct a preliminary investigation for each of the three topics that you have chosen. This preliminary research will let you know if there is enough information on the topics you have chosen. Narrow or broaden your topic to a good scope. Once you have chosen a final topic, submit your idea to your professor for approval.

Topic Ideas

Here are a few great topic ideas for a paper on religion, if you are still unsure of what types of topics are acceptable.

  1. The Acceptance of Other Religions in the United States- How religiously tolerant is it in America? Does the country really offer religious freedom?
  2. The Conversion of Muslims to Christianity- Many Muslims dream of Jesus before converting. How prominent is this and does it prove Christianity is the true religion?
  3. Is Religion Harmful?- How many wars have been started because of religion? Does this make religion worse than the Holocaust and other mass genocide events?
  4. Religious Persecution around the World- In what countries are people still killed because of religion? Does this influence immigration to the United States and other religiously tolerant countries?

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