Little-Known Secrets Of Effective Research Paper Writing

So your teacher assigned you a paper that needs in-test citations and you are confused and worried. Relax; each time you write one of these papers, the job will be come easier. Remember, you are creating a thesis statement and then trying to prove it with valid and qualified support. Use our little-known secrets of effective research paper writing.

Secrets, Tips, Hints, and Advice for Producing an Effective Research Paper

  • A good thesis statement will make writing the paper much easier than moving forward with a weak one. It does mater that the paper is formatted quickly. Find out if is APA, MLA, or some other format. Then get a guidebook tot hat format, so the paper looks correct.
  • The basics on the presentation are that the font will be size 12, the margins will be one inch, the paper will be double spaced, and there will be in text citations. The citation format is decided by the paper format. For example, a MLA citation would look lie this- (Brown 22). That falls right after the information and is the author’s name and the page number.
  • Use credible sources. In today’s world you can research and never leave your house, your bed, or your couch.
  • Speak with the school media specialist and find out if the school subscribes to a bank of credible sources. If they do, ask the media specialist for the user names and passwords for each of the databases. You can find books, journals, case studies, surveys, quotes, encyclopedia, pamphlets, government documents, and many other types of sources at these databases. You will want to ask your teacher how many are required for the paper.
  • You will have to know how long the paper requirement is. In the paper you will have the standard introduction paragraph, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. You will also have to turn in the Works Cited or Bibliography page. You will turn in one or the other, not both, and which you submit depends on the style of paper.
  • There are many little-known secrets, but the most important one is that a well-designed outline can make writing the essay a snap to do. Put a lot of time into the outline, and you will be amazed at the results.
  • Another secret tip is to let a professional proof and edit the paper for you. This job is very inexpensive and takes the burden off of you.

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