A List Of Fresh Research Paper Topics About Obesity In America

Obesity is becoming a serious problem in America. In fact, it is not only America that is experiencing exceptionally high levels of obesity, as much of the rest of the world has caught up with the high obesity levels that have plagued America for several decades.

As part of your research, you may wish to try and learn more about various different things related to the topic of obesity in America. Furthermore, you may wish to carry out research not only on facts and data related to obesity in America, but in other countries as well. You will then be able to use any data that you obtain from other countries as a starting point for comparisons, which will help with your analysis.

Picking a topic to write about

The general theme of obesity provides a wide range of different topics you can write about. For example, if you are studying biology then you may wish to write about what causes people to become obese, based on your analysis of the human body. Alternatively, if you’re studying geography then you may wish to carry out research into different obesity rates across the country.

In fact, there are numerous different angles that you can take when writing the work, depending upon the subject you’re studying. Another example would be to write your essay about any social stigma that may be attached to obesity, as well as potentially any other health concerns that may be associated with obesity, such as depression. You may take this angle if you are writing for one of the social sciences. In fact, you can even look at things from an economic point of view, in terms of how much obesity costs the country.

For some further ideas and inspiration, take a look at the list below.

  • A comparison of obesity rates between 1965 and 2015
  • Compare contrast obesity rates in America between men and women
  • What proportion of the population will be obese in the future?
  • Is the obesity epidemic out of control?
  • How much does the obesity academic cost the United States annually?
  • What are the causes of obesity in the United States?
  • Does the United States government do enough to combat the rising threat posed by obesity?
  • Should obese Americans be treated in hospitals for self-inflicted diseases?
  • What impact has obesity had on the mortality rate in the United States over the past three decades?
  • A comparison of obesity rates in the United States with the rest of the world

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