How To Write The Conclusion In A Research Paper: Recommendations From An Expert

I have written many papers, and in 25 years of teaching, I have graded many essays. I always tell my students that they need to start their piece strong and to finish it strong. The conclusion has to contain three things in order to be considered complete. There must be restatement of the thesis statement, a universal statement, and a brief summary of the topic.

3 Things to Include in the Conclusion: Recommendations from an Expert

  1. Restate the Thesis Statement-in different words and phrases restate the thesis sentence. You can even break up the thesis into a different structure. For example, your thesis in the first paragraph may say-
    • a. The sharks in The Old Man and the Sea help move the plot and are symbols for Hemingway’s many loves.
    • b. However, when you get to the end paragraph, you could take the same thoughts and put them into two sentences, such as-
    • c. In Old Man and the Sea Hemingway writes of his loves. His loves, symbolized as sharks, move the plot effectively.
  2. Include a universal statement- this statement has to connect your main idea to a routine, task, or concept that most people are familiar with in their life. Some people put a part of this idea in the first paragraph and then come back to it in the final section in order to come full circle. An example of this might be-
    • a. The troubles of the main character, Joan, in The Envelope, fell down upon the village like a blizzard.
  3. A brief summary of the piece-you do not want to re-tell the entire paper. As a whole, this end paragraph is short and simple. You do want to touch upon the highlights of your writings. This should be done in less than five sentences. Overall, this paragraph should never be longer than any of the body paragraphs.

As you compose this most important part of your composition, you want to make sure that it has no grammar errors and that there are not spelling mistakes either. Proof it very carefully. You will need to have properly cited sources and a reference page. Then ensure that it includes the restated thesis sentence, includes a universal statement, and that it has a brief summary of the paper’s idea.

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