How To Write An A+ Research Paper Without Wasting Your Time

Research papers are tough to write, and it is certainly something you don’t want to be writing and re-writing over and over again. You need to get it right the first time, and it needs to be A+ material. Below are some excellent tips to getting a fantastic result in just one go!

  • Do the work before you do any writing
  • You need to do the research before you can write anything about it! This is something a lot of students seem to forget, and their writing suffers for it. Do the preparatory work beforehand, all in good time, and have the results all handy when you sit down to start. You’ll also find that the words flow much more easily when you already know exactly what to describe as a result of already having all the information ready and raring to go!

  • Write the bibliography as you go along
  • Many students make the mistake of leaving the bibliography until they have finished the rest of the paper. This is a big no-no since it can - and usually does - end with a really shoddy bibliography: and that’s where the easy marks should come from! You must make sure to take down the names and titles of essays and books that you reference as you read them so that they are ready to put into the bibliography section without a fuss. You can tell a lot about a research paper by the professionalism of its bibliography, and if that’s A+, then the rest almost certainly is, too!

  • Edit and proofread as you go
  • Often, editing and proofreading can feel like a waste of time, especially if you do them at the very end, once everything else is completed. However, it is essential that you both edit and proofread your work. One way to do this without wasting any time at all is to do it as you go. Once you have written the introduction - which should all come very easily if you have followed the first tip! Then read it through. There. It’s written, edited and finished, all in one fell swoop. There is no messing around with first, second and even third edits, but it has still been proofread and corrected. Do this with the other sections, too, but remember to break them up into manageable chunks. If you feel like it, read the whole thing through once at the end to make sure the flow is right, but it should all be ready to go!

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