How To Come Up With The Best Title For A Term Paper: Helpful Directions 

A title is usually the last thing a student creates. It is no wonder because you should know all the nuances of your term paper in order to name it properly. Your decision on what information to include and what words to choose will determine the reader’s first impression, and, perhaps, the success of the whole project. Teachers love when their students name academic papers creatively. Moreover, your title should be both catchy and informative. It should hook the reader and communicate the gist of your work. The following directions will help you create the best title for your term paper:

Look through your paper.

Read your project and define the main themes in it. Your thesis statement is a solid basis for your title. Key motives and ideas can also be taken from the topic sentences and used to name your work. Pay attention to the key words and terms you used in the process of writing. There may some strong phrases in your paper as well. Note down all the information you obtained.

Consider your audience.

The term paper titles should usually be formal. No slang is allowed. However, your teacher may change requirements and encourage you to pursue an informal style where more space for creativity is allowed.

Consider using a quotation.

Look through your sources. If there is a quote that clearly and briefly conveys the essence of your work, use it. This advice is particularly useful if your term project is based on the literary analysis. However, interesting quotations may be found in different subject areas.

Use a colon to divide your title into two parts.

As a rule, the first part is used to grab attention. You can use an apt quotation, a catchy slogan, or the interesting play on words. The second part is informative. It should explain what your term paper is about through the key words and ideas from your writing.

Be brief and simple.

It is usually enough to use around 10 to 15 words to name your work. Don’t use too many details. Use simple words and phrases. Your title should be understandable for an average reader who is not a specialist in the field.

Come up with several versions of how to name your project.

Brainstorm. Use available materials from your research. Try different combinations of words. Ask your friend for advice. Choose the best version and format it according to all the requirements of your assignment.

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