The Correct Term Paper Format: Guidelines For Students

Writing a term paper is not just about choosing an interesting topic and doing justice to it, it takes more than that. When your paper is not properly formatted, it usually takes points away from your total scores. As a matter of fact, your work can be completely rejected if the project is not in the right paper format. If this happens, you have no choice than to reformat your work before resubmitting. Think about all the time and resources that would take, in addition to the fact that you might fall behind on the submission deadline. This is something every student should avoid, whether in college or university.

Now it’s obvious you don’t wish to have such discouraging experience of having your term paper rejected and being asked to rewrite and resubmit. Here is a guideline on how to format your paper:

  • Right paper size: The size of paper to be used for your project is high quality 8 ½ x 11” plain white paper. The printing should be on only one side of the paper.
  • Margin: The normal margin set for your paper should be 1” for both the left, right, top and bottom sides of all pages of the work.
  • Title page: This page should be typed with double line spaces between write-ups. Don’t type your paper’s title in all capital letters. The title should not be underlined or quotation marks inserted before or after it. Acronyms should be properly capitalized.
  • Page numbering: Your term paper should be numbered at the upper right hand side of your page and should be flush with the paper’s right margin. The numbering should be inserted 1/2" from the top of the paper.
  • Line spacing: The main body of your academic paper should be double-spaced between the lines. The spacing between words should be one space. This includes one space after a colon, semi colon, or comma. Never leave spaces before punctuation marks.
  • Indentation: Depending on the guidelines from your tutor, your term paper may or may not require indentation. If it requires indentation, it should be 5 spaces from your left for each new paragraph. Where indentation is not required, the paragraphs should start flush to the left side of your paper’s margin. Be consistent with whatever indentation you are using.

These are just a few of the guidelines that should serve as stepping stone as you get ready to research and write your term paper.

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