Tried And True Methods To Come Up With Great Research Paper Topics

These suggested methods should work really well for most fields of study when you are trying to come up with some really great ideas for research paper topics.

Tried and True: Inspirations

If you have ever watched interior design programs, the designer will often bring a piece of fabric or piece of brick-a-bract that they call their 'inspiration piece' on which they base the design for the whole room. In academic writing you can do the same, by looking through work that other students have produced or by accessing lists of ideas through specialist student support websites. Be warned that you will find endless lists so you need to be very focused and eliminate topics that you know are out of the running.

Tried and True: Interests

Look back through your course notes. You may find that there was an aspect or topic within the course that really interested you, an aspect that you would like to research further. You may even of already have made a few notes outlining how you could take forward and research your ideas. You could talk over a few of the ideas with your professor who may help you to expand on your ideas and interests.

Tried and True: Links with other learning

Many ideas that you may find interesting could possibly interrelate with other fields of study. For example Sociology & Psychology (especially if you are looking at aspects of behavior or belief systems within a particular section of society). Psychology & Education (this link is important if you are looking at aspects of learning, including attitudes, skills and strategies that may be employed to support the learner).

Tried and True: Brainstorming Topics

Never underestimate the power of brainstorming! Not only does it give you something concrete to work with, it also helps you to clarify your thoughts and ideas. Allow yourself 10 minutes to focus on the topic that interests you, write down all you can about the topic including aspects that you would like to explore further. Focus on what you already know then decide what you need to research and develop a plan.

Tried and True: Keep it simple

The chances are that you are going to develop a whole list of possible topics that you may like to write about, but when you are trying to make your final decision, 'keep it simple'. The more complex and contrived you make your topic, the less likely you are to stay on track. Choose an aspect of the topic rather than try to cover everything. The more focused your work the more likely you are to succeed.

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