A Collection Of Good Research Paper Topics To Inspire You

There are many components that build up a winning research paper. They include a proper structure, sufficient amount of up-to-date reliable data, powerful conclusions, excellent writing style, and, of course, an appropriate topic. As you will start your work with choosing a good topic, your further success depends on it significantly.

Top 10 Inspiring Ideas for Your Research Paper

  1. The ways of decreasing a high school dropout rate.
  2. A real impact recycling has on the environment.
  3. A problem of illegal hunting.
  4. Modern strategies of dealing with juvenile crimes.
  5. Main pros and cons of CCTV systems.
  6. A problem of children’s excessive medication.
  7. How badly do social networks influence your self-esteem?
  8. A problem of an attention deficit disorder related to a learning process.
  9. Real effectiveness of existing methods of coping with school violence.
  10. Is it essential to raise the level of literacy in the US?

Additional Guidelines to Keep in Mind

  • Stick to a certain procedure while choosing a topic.
  • First, select a wide field that suits your academic goals and interests. Then study it briefly to pick a narrower issue. Finally, formulate the exact topic you will be working with. Remember to use a concise language that doesn’t imply any double meanings and makes the direction of your survey quite clear.

  • Deal with the issue that is under debate right now.
  • If the problem you are going to work with already has a relatively clear answer, there’s no need to study it at all. Your paper must provide the audience not only with some new insights and discoveries but also with the practical uses applicable here and now.

  • Mind the type of your research paper.
  • Depending on a type, a length, a course you are taking, and other requirements for your paper, you can choose either a very specific or a broader topic. Also, keep in mind that you must be experienced enough to deal with broad topics successfully.

  • Check the relevant material before you make your final decision.
  • It’s necessary to make sure that a selected topic is manageable at all. If you don’t find enough credible data for performing a comprehensive survey or don’t have required opportunities for empirical study, you’d better switch to another issue. In addition, be prepared to slightly adjust your topic in the process according to the discoveries you will make.

  • Don’t use the already existing topic.
  • Plagiarism is the worst choice you can make and it’s always revealed easily so better spend more time but create a totally original topic.

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