Unique Collection Of Research Paper Ideas For Middle School

Coming up with a good topic idea is an important step when writing a research paper for middle school. A good research topic should be original, thought provoking, and focus on something that really interests you. Here is a collection of some unique ideas for you to consider for your middle school project:

  1. How has population growth in South East Asian countries affected air and water pollution in different parts of the world?
  2. How effective have environmental initiatives been in protecting the natural habits of some of the world’s most endangered wild animals?
  3. How effective or financial courses / programs in educating students about the dangers of predatory credit lenders?
  4. Discuss how carbon dating technology has allowed scientists to study the early movements of humans across large continents in different parts of the world?
  5. What impact does having a sibling serve in the military have on students of middle school age? Does the feeling change over time or does it remain constant?
  6. Should middle school students be allowed to play in violent sports (e.g., tackle football)? What role should parents have in making these decisions?
  7. How effective is health education in teaching health eating and exercise habits to students of middle school age? Should curriculum or teaching methodology change?
  8. Should students be allowed to choose the subjects that are taught in schools or should these decisions be left to the local school boards?
  9. Should fast food chains be allowed to open up restaurant locations so close to school? Consider how the nation’s health is on a continual decline?
  10. Is it a good idea for students to take technical classes so early in their academic life or do you think that it should come later in one’s education?
  11. How effective is standardized testing in determining whether a student can succeed in today’s technology rich professional world?
  12. How educated are young people about local government issues? Should people have to take an exam before being allowed to vote?
  13. What are the biggest challenges in creating a single method for determining the success of different curricula across different states?
  14. At what age or grade level should students be allowed to choose their elective courses? Do you think students who want to pursue certain professions should be forced to take common core?
  15. Should pro athletes face stricter penalties when they are found guilty of drug use or possession? Consider their position as role models to young people?

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