Coming Up With Interesting Research Paper Topics Related To Education

Brainstorming ideas about what to write a research paper about is tough work. It becomes easier when the subject or category is specified. However, there are still so many subtopics that could make for an interesting research topic. When it comes to writing about education, make sure that you are writing about something you are passionate about. Based on what you know about education, what do you feel you need to delve deeper into? It would be easier if you make a chart about all these things and either focus on one aspect of education or find a way to combine two or three similar topics that you feel will generate an interesting research paper. Below are some interesting topics that could be used for research papers.

  1. Educational funding
  2. This could talk about federal vs. state funding of schools at all levels – elementary schools to high school and even college levels. You can also look into talking about private funding. These are usually seen at the college level.

  3. Conditions of schools
  4. Basically, look into the difference in condition between public and private schools or the difference between schools in the city and schools located in the suburbs.

  5. Dress codes
  6. So much can happen here. Look into dress codes for schools at all levels and decide whether you think the codes are too strict, too lenient, or just right. Here you can provide suggestions about changes you will make to dress codes if you had that opportunity.

  7. School violence and safety
  8. Here you can also go deep into the issue. There are a lot of news sources out there. You can compile statistics about the rise or fall in violence in schools across the nation. Then you can also look into the safety precautions/procedures each school district has in place to safeguard the safety of each child at the school. You may also make an opinion/suggestions regarding the statistics collected and the safety precautions.

  9. Student loans
  10. This will be looking at the college level. Make a comparison of the rise in tuition over the last ten years along with the rise in the need to take out student loans. Look into the interest rates on these student loans. Here, you can go further to see how the collected information has affected people’s decision to seek higher education.

The interesting topics listed are just skimming the surface of the larger topic that is education. Whichever topic you decide to research, whether the ones suggested or coming up with one on your own, make sure it is a topic you will actually enjoy learning more about.

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