How To Complete Your Research Paper Proposal Writing Assignment Successfully

In a proposal of this nature you must offer a problem and explain why it is worth the effort of researching a solution. You should also present a usable method of how it should be conducted. This piece of work is designed to showcase your abilities to identify a worthwhile topic and layout your approach to the subject. It is a form of persuasive essay, in that you need to provide valid reasons as why your problem needs studying. If you are unable to provide these reasons then your project is unlikely to be accepted.

Reasons for assigning this task

  • Develop your skills in research and writing
  • Teach you to work out methodically what steps are needed to complete your assignment
  • Understand what comprises a “comprehensive literature review” that forms the main base for this type of project
  • Learn if you have the curiosity that a good researcher needs

Structure for your work

  • You need a Title for your intended work – this should also be the title of your proposal
  • Normally you would produce an Abstract of about 300 words stating concisely the direction of your proposed work including a research question, why you think this study is a good idea and any particular methods or instruments you intend to use in the course of your work.
  • An Introduction will provide the reader with the background to your proposed course of study. As with all work, you should try for a very interesting opening sentence. Here is a good place to include definitions of important concepts if you feel they would be helpful
  • It is essential to include a Comprehensive Literature Review of all aspects relating to the issue. Make sure you find key texts that your teacher will expect to see you basing your work on.
  • Make sure you include a detailed description of the Methods you intend to use.
  • You probably have some idea of the sort of Results you are expecting to see based on your hypothesis: state these.
  • Finally, you should conclude with a Discussion. Let your passion for your proposed work shine through here.

Mistakes that will cause you to fail

  • Lacking a clear sense of direction – drifting off at a tangent to the main idea
  • Failing to locate key texts in your field of study
  • Not putting clear limits on your proposed study area
  • Failing to present your argument in a structured and compelling way

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