Where To Look For A Proofread Research Paper Outline Template: 6 Places To Check

A research paper is basically an essay that explains your viewpoint on a particular topic, which is written after doing a proper well-refined evaluation and analyses. Though many sources are referred to during writing a research paper but at the end all that is written is a person's own perspective about the topic.

An outline is a pre-writing stage. It helps you in saving time and efforts for the writing stage

A proofread research paper is the one with absence of any kind of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. For a proofread paper, the following areas can be explored.


The library will have enormous amount of high quality examples. Look for the one you need in a relevant section and if you are not able to find out look for it in the one that matches your topic the best.

Writing services

There are different writing services that may provide you with an example. They may charge you with a petty amount.


There are many sites online which will provide the required. Searching online is easier as well.

Guidebooks for research writing

There are many guidebooks available for writing. In those there are many essays and examples given which will help you.

Freelance writer

A freelance writer maybe experienced also me would have knowledge in such areas. He might charge you but his sources and advice will be professional and helpful.

Teachers concerned

Most of the teachers have written many research papers themselves or they might know many people who had. Teachers are one of the best sources to contact.

Tutors or senior students

All senior students who are in their final semesters are experienced in this area. Till the time students reach their final semester they are well read also know many sources. They can be reached out for help.

To write a research paper one has to go through many stages. An outline is essential to get the idea of the topic. Proofreading is the final stage of writing. A proofread paper will be more beneficial as it is a final draft and does not have any errors. Also, for a final draft the person who wrote it must have studied a lot so there are rare chances of anything being wrong in it.

All the areas mentioned above will not only help in collection of examples but also play a role in gaining of knowledge, which will at last help in writing a better paper. Sources like libraries and teachers should be the first priority as they are easily available and most helpful. Any senior can be consulted as well from parents to elder siblings as they are knowledgeable and may know any further sources. Other agencies are also good but there is no assurance that whether they are advising you for your own welfare or for the money. But to write an impactful paper, no source should be ignored.

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